Bodybuilding in Dallas

I am a firm believer that a proper diet and regular workout regime will produce amazing results physically and mentally. Mindful maintenance over nutrition and exercise can improve the way you feel, as well as the way you look. Don’t believe me? See for yourself, with a look at some of the youngest bodybuilders in Dallas.

Bodybuilding is defined as developing muscles through the combination of weight training, specific caloric intake, and rest.

But in simpler terms, bodybuilding is building a better body.

Not all bodybuilders fall under the oiled-up, weight-lifting, speedo-wearing stereotype. While bodybuilding competitions do showcase men and women with faux tans and swim suits, this is not a requirement. As long as a person is working toward improving their body with a healthy diet and exercise, he or she is technically a bodybuilder.

And despite the technical definition, not all bodybuilders need to lift weights. Collegiate athletes or marathon runners can also be considered bodybuilders, as long as they have a healthy diet.

There’s no denying that most bodybuilders have rockin’ bodies. And while that can be reason enough for some to start bodybuilding, there are more benefits that extend far beyond looking  good. A UCLA study found that people with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) have a higher chance of mortality from natural causes. And, since a bodybuilder’s BMI is typically in the “healthy” range, bodybuilding may be the secret to a longer life.

Finding time to create healthy meals and go to the gym can be difficult. However, I like to think of it as an investment. Focusing a little extra time to improve my body and extend my life is definitely an investment worth the while.

Interested in watching or participating in a bodybuilding competition? Join the 200,000 attendees and 40,000 competitors at the Dallas IFBB/NPC Europa Games June 19 and 20 for a deeper look into the world of bodybuilding. The event will take place at the Dallas Convention Center, located on the map below.