A Trip to the Dallas Farmers Market

Tucked in the southern region of downtown Dallas, The Shed hosts a variety of friendly vendors with an impressive range of goods.

The Shed is home to the Dallas Farmers Market. Booths line the edges of the property, with more than thirty different vendors selling food, drinks, and accessories. From locally grown produce to gooey cinnamon rolls, and chilled wine to freshly brewed coffee, the Dallas Farmers Market has something for everyone – even those who aren’t gung-ho for healthy eating.

An empty stomach is essential for a trip to the Dallas Farmers Market. Almost every vendor has samples readily available for shoppers, so leaving the market hungry is practically impossible. Several booths sell full-sized meals for those who aren’t sustained from the bite-sized freebies. Sweet corn-on-the-cob, turkey legs, and tamales were some of the market’s popular options.

There’s a good amount of free parking, an ATM to withdraw cash, and lots of places to sit down and relax. Since the market only has an overhead cover, I recommend going on a day that isn’t rainy or overly windy.

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Hungry for more info about the Dallas Farmers Market? Learn How the Dallas Farmers Market Came to Life, or check out some of the market’s upcoming events.


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